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Nathan Mercer, the only man in my life.
Loving him was never an option.

We met ten years ago, when we started at the same company on the same day.
Both new in town and with nobody else to rely on, we quickly became friends.

And while Nathan went on to rule San Francisco, I’m still doing the same job with the same people.
We finish each other’s sentences, we spend Christmas together and he sleeps at my house more than his.
He’s beautiful.... beyond belief.
In another life, he’s probably my soul mate.

However, lately things have changed. He’s started looking at me differently.
His eyes drop to my lips as I speak.
His hugs are tighter…. longer.
Our fights are more passionate, his jealousy insane.

I know it’s all in my head….it has to be.

They say to never love someone who treats you like you’re ordinary.
I don't. To him I'm a queen.

But our story is complicated.
And as much as I love Nathan Mercer with all of my heart. . .
He’s the one man I can never have


“Hello, I’m Eliza Bennet. I’m starting my practical experience today,” I say
nervously to the lady working on reception through the glass window.
She smiles warmly. “Hello, Eliza. Welcome.” She punches my name into
the computer, and then she stands to retrieve a lanyard before she passes it
over to me.
I read the printed name.
Eliza Bennet
Pride fills me and I bite my lip to hide my smile.
“Just wear this for a week until you find your way around so that
everyone knows you are new,” she says.
“Thanks.” I take it from her and put it on.
“Go up to level three to the nurses’ station. They will take care of you
from there.”
“Thank you.” My heart is hammering because of my nerves. I step into
the elevator before the kind receptionist has to revive me. This is it!
I inhale deeply to try and calm myself down. The elevator doors open,
and I head toward the nurses’ station.
Just do everything right. Don’t mess things up, I remind myself.
Three nurses are talking before I gently knock on the door and their
attention turns my way.
“Hi, I’m Eliza. I’m starting my practical today.” Please be nice.
They each breakout into broad smiles. “Hi, Eliza. Welcome, and come
in,” the lady with the dark hair says.
“I’m Marjorie, and this is Beth and Caroline.”
“Hi.” I grip my handbag with white-knuckle force.
“Follow me. Did I read your resume right?” Marjorie continues as she
walks up the corridor with me following her closely. “You’ve moved here
from out of town?” We get to a bank of lockers where she opens one up for
me. “This will be your locker.” She passes me a key. “And this is your key,

but we don’t ever lock anything around here; we’re all completely
“Thanks.” I take the key from her and put it in my pocket. “And, yes, I’m
from Florida.”
“What made you want to move to San Fran?” She frowns.
“I don’t know, I wanted a change and I’ve always loved this city. The
hospital is one of the best in the country.” I shrug, it seems like a stupid
decision to move across the country on my own now that I’ve done it, but
anyway I’m trying to make the best of it.
“This way, dear,” she says as she begins to walk back down the corridor.
“Do you know people here in San Fran?”
I trail behind her. “Nope.”
She turns to me, clearly surprised. “Where are you living?”
“I got an apartment in town.” I shrug nervously, feeling the need to
elaborate. “My parents came to help me find a place and get settled. We’ve
been here for two weeks but they went home yesterday.”
“How lovely.” She links her arm through mine. “Well, you’re going to
love San Francisco, and you’re going to love this hospital. You’ve made a
good decision.”
“Now...,” she hands me a pair of gloves, “let’s go play drug dealers and
hand some painkillers out.”

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